Best 5 Golf Putters

If you love playing golf, a proper club is just what you need. Especially the one that will help you hit the hole! Stop putting off, choose the best golf putter right away!

TaylorMade Spider OS Counterbalanced Putter

OS Means Better Putting

While choosing five best putters to review, we certainly could not pass up the Taylormade Spider OS golf putter. OS means OverSize; indeed, the item is 7% bigger compared to other models. You may think that bigger head size means heavier putter, but not this time! The secret of the OS putters is an innovative foam material, a few times lighter than metal while having equal characteristics. Therefore, weighing 360 g, the Taylormade Spyder putter has a larger head for better control and more precision shots. Unlike most other models, the putter has an aluminum face insert that allows perfect ball gripping. Furthermore, its unique design works for precise shooting. Even if you mishit the middle, the ball does not lose the speed and moves in the desired direction. All in all, the Tailormade Spider OS putter is the perfect choice for beginners!

Cleveland Golf Smart Square Heel Shafted Mallet

it any Taste

The manufacturer offers many variations of this golf putter. You can choose among 33″ up to 35″ long, right- or left-hand and center-shafted models. This allows approaching an individual putter selection for any golfer. A copolymer face insert provides a great feel of the putt so as to achieve a perfect ball-running trajectory. The Cleveland golf putter is slightly heavier than some other models, yet, it’s not exactly a shortcoming. Professional players find heavier golf putters more convenient and easier to control. 

Wilson Harmonized Square Heel/Toe

Comfortable Putter

The Wilson Harmonized putters combine two important qualities: high performance and ergonomics, provided by using up-to-date fine materials. A soft oversized grip with a flat front is super comfortable and works for the perfect control over the golf putter. It does not slide, that is why it is easy to putt with an excellent precision. This Wilson golf putter weighs only 340 g, which allows its comfortable use by anyone who has decided to try themselves in hitting the links. The item has a 70° lie angle, which will be appreciated by most golf players with belly button golf swings. Owing to a 3° loft, the ball will start with a tiny fly and then roll properly across the green towards the cup!

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX

Excellent Putt

Pinemeadow is a newcomer on the golf club market. Yet, the Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter has got both positive feedback and fans among golfers of different skill levels. We have tried to disclose the secret of its popularity by analyzing its features. The first thing that attracts attention is the golf putter weight (380 g). It may take some time to get used to it. However, you will adapt after a couple of putts. That is where you start to appreciate the item’s convenience! This weighty golf putter allows even beginners to hit precise shots. The Pinemeadow golf putter is equipped with a stainless steel shaft which provides an efficient energy release and accuracy at the same time. As a result, you achieve the best performance! This “tour-weighted” mallet putter makes perfect pendulum strokes which result in a smooth ball spinning when skidding across the green. According to our happy customers, they managed to lower their Handicap by 3 points thanks to the Pinemeadow golf putter!

Ray Cook SR800

Time-proved Quality

The company was found by Raymond Cook, a famous engineer and a devoted golfer. Dissatisfied with imperfect golf putters, he started working out his own model. Ray knew from his favorite physics and aerodynamics classes at college that slight vibrations in metal would work for the perfect feel. In 1963 he had introduced his first forged aluminum M1 Mallet. After that, mallet putters design has changed for good. Raymond Cook putters gained popularity among PGA professionals and celebrities, among them Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The company’s putters secured a victory in more than 200 PGA tours in all four majors, no wonder they are so popular all over the world.

What is a Golf Putter

Golf is one of the most popular and appreciated kinds of sports. It is known that professional golf players use a wide variety of clubs for different shots. One of them, the putter, was designed to roll a ball from a point on a putting green to the hole. This golf club will help you enhance playing efficiency and lower your handicap. We have selected five best golf putters for our review that also covers the key aspects on how to choose the appropriate one.

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