Best Golf Balls

Best 5 Golf Balls

No matter whether you’ve just discovered the world of golf or have been playing it for quite a while, at some stage you’d need to buy a golf ball. We’d like to help you pick the best one among the diverse variety on the market so that you can turn from amateur to pro without a hitch.

Callaway Supersoft


Callaway Supersoft Balls are much favored by amateurs who’ve just started playing golf. Due to their two-piece covering along with an overlarge core and protective coating, these golf balls show a great distant-spinning performance and maneuverability. The HEX dimple design ensures an excellent swing speed and, thus, meets the needs of both novice and advanced golf players. Be quick about getting these superior golf balls.

Bridgestone E6


What makes Bridgestone 2015 E6 golf balls different from others? Their unique dimple design! Spread across the entire ball surface like a net, 326 double dimples ensure perfect distance-producing results. The compression is reduced to the minimum, therefore the golf ball spins and bounces perfectly well even in bad weather conditions. The multi-layer design improves the path of the ball, so both beginners and professionals can enjoy themselves playing golf equally well.

Srixon Soft Feel

Thinner Doesn’t Mean Worse

The new generation of golf balls presented by Srixon Soft Feel differs significantly from former models. Here, 2-piece ionomer coating is 11% thinner and by 5% softer than earlier. This feature enhances both ball’s spinning and trajectory. Moreover, users note that these balls offer great feel on the green courses. Thus, you can easily increase your productivity and achieve better results in golf games! You should also know that the ball has lower dynamic rates in comparison to other models in its class. But you can still swing it at any distance for sure. This peculiarity is a special fascination for novice golfers since they can hit a ball applying less force to make a perfect hit. Such ball peculiarities are achieved thanks to an energetic gradient growth core for a softer feel and better control. Featuring the 72 compression along with a soft and elastic coating, Srixon Soft Feel golf balls guarantee outstanding performance during a game.

Nike Double Dozen


Those customers who’re introduced to Nike sports production will be delighted to experiment with the new release – Nike Mojo Double Golf balls. To deploy these golf balls, the company has considered their clients’ preferences carefully and used the latest technologies in order that balls could be well suitable for novice and advanced golfers alike. The 2-layer design with 314 dimples ensures that these golf balls cover a long distance faster and more precisely. Don’t spend a fortune on your sports gear. The Nike Mojo Double Golf balls can save your money and show an excellent performance.

Wilson Titanium 18-pack


At an attractive price, you can get one of the best and simple-to-use golf balls that would help you master your skills and perform well on a golf course. Wilson golf balls feature a basic two-piece design with a Titanium core inside to swing easier and fly farther. If you’ve just started to play golf, we’d recommend you to get one of these balls first and practice a bit before purchasing professional units. In contrast to expensive professional golf balls, these ones cover the same distance easier and, what’s more important, with minimum efforts.

What is a Golfball

Anyone who’s ever played golf could see balls that are very much alike by appearance spin differently. And it is impossible to spot what makes their behavior so different, well, unless you dig a bit deeper into details. Each golf ball has got its own peculiarities and features that predetermine its main purpose. Some golf balls are great for use on big fields while others better work at a short distance. The ball that fits a pro golf player won’t necessarily be a good fit for a novice and vice versa. There are many little things that seem minor but when it comes to playing, do matter. Hopefully, our review will help you find the right one for your needs.

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